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What’s up Everybody,

I’ve had a couple people ask me about my logo so I thought I’d finally share the background.  A buddy of mine designed it for me.  His name is Steven Wisdom (I know, sweet name right?…)  I think it turned out awesome.  Simple and fitting.  When Steven and I met initially he asked me for any initial ideas so I passed him my inspiration images.  The Autobot’s Matrix of Leadership and Iron-Man’s Arc Reactor.  I also wanted a subtle C and C for my blog name.  I mentioned that being an engineer I get kind of fidgety with non-symmetry.  We also discussed a little bit about what kind of work I’ve been doing, which at that time was mostly 3D printing so I also like the subtle nod to a 2d image resembling a 3d object.

From the first draft that Steven showed me I knew it was the one.  I felt like how could it be anything else?…  Ultimately he gave me two iterations: one with my blog name and one without.


For my birthday a few weeks ago, My Lady ordered me a cap with my logo embroidered on it.  It’s taking forever though, I can’t wait to get it in!!  I’ll post some pictures of it when it comes in.

Steven also did the logo for My Lady’s blog and I think that one turned out awesome as well.  You can see some of Steven’s other work at his website:

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