Hey Everybody,

Sometimes on my blog posts I’ll link to Amazon or other places where you can buy something I’m referencing.  I’ll always make it as clear as possible but almost always the items that I’m linking to are items that I have purchased myself.  Maybe one day my blog will be popular enough such that somebody will give me something to use and review, but I’m nowhere near on somebody’s radar for that.  I’ll update if that day ever comes.  Occasionally I’ll link to something that I haven’t already bought, but I will make that clear too.

My links for Amazon are affiliate links which means I will get a small kickback if you buy the thing I’m referencing or otherwise a small advertising fee if you click over to Amazon and buy something else.  I’m not operating this blog under any pretenses that I’ll make a living off of it, but any small amount of money made will be fun and will go into more toys for the blog anyway.  I appreciate the camaraderie of my fellow hobbyists; thanks a ton for your patronage, but more so for reading.  Thanks y’all.