Father’s Day Laser Engraved Presents

As you can tell from my posts, I’m having more fun with my laser engraver than any of my other toys right now.  For Father’s Day we thought it would be cool to do some super custom gifts.

So for my Dad’s Father’s Day present I laser engraved some grilling utensils for him.  I’ll let my Mom correct me but the way I remember the story is that when I was a kid we went to the zoo and the sign said “Rojo Fox” as in red in Spanish, but my Dad verbalized it as it would sound in English not as it is in Spanish.  With the J sound instead of the H sound.  To which my Mom said “Es rojo” and then called him a dummy in Spanish.  (That’s how I like to say it anyway).  It was hilarious then and, some 20 years later, it’s hilarious now.  Ever since then, his handle on internet chat boards has been “Rojo Fox” and it’s been a running joke in the family.  My Mom even made us Rojo Fox bowling shirts for his 50th birthday.  My Dad has seemed to be grilling more than usual lately so My Lady and I thought to make him some “Rojo Fox Grill” grilling utensils.  I think they came out pretty awesome.  I engraved a couple pieces but I only took a picture of the one.

For My Lady’s Dad, or Pop as I call him, we thought to make him an engraved piece of wall art.  Pop is a wizard at building and fixing things.  He’s built their last couple houses and he’s literally working on a plane in his shop.  A PLANE!!…  He makes me look bad with anything that I make relative to what he makes, but that’s okay, he’s got a couple years on me.  I do learn a lot from him though, just like I learned a lot from my own Dad growing up.


My Lady whipped up an image for me to laser engrave on a piece of red oak plywood then I made a frame for it.  I stained the frame, but like I learned in the last post where I was goofing around with staining laser engraved wood, it’s not very clean to stain the main part.  I’m super happy with it.  These are the best miters I’ve been able to get done.  The miter saw My Lady gave me for my birthday last year is coming in handy.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there.  I hope you Dads are as awesome as mine!

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