Garage Closet for Air Compressor and Lawn Mower

Hello All,

Quick post.  I’ve been cleaning up the garage a bunch.  The miter saw cabinets have been a huge help.  I’ve been using the air compressor a whole lot and have been super annoyed by the noise.  I also leave it on all the time allowing it to take care of itself on turning on and off whenever it get under 80PSI or so, which means it sometimes turns on while we’re watching TV or, worse yet, sleeping!…  In thinking about how to cure this without choking out the air compressor I had the idea to make an enclosure for it using pegboard.  I thought/hoped that this would quiet the air compressor a bit and get it out of the way.  I also had had the idea to make a compartment for the lawnmower.  I haven’t seen anybody do this before, which probably means it’s a bad idea.  I haven’t found it yet though!  Haha.

I started with measuring the lawn mower and making a box just larger than the dimensions.  We have a GreenWorks 40V Electric Lawn Mower and I love it.  This amounted to just barely enough room to make for a closet/enclosure between the two garage doors, approximately 34.25″ long by 21.5″ wide and 23.25″ tall.  I decided to make the frame out of plywood because I figured it would be sufficiently strong to enclose it and be strong enough to hold the air compressor on top of it {and because I had some plywood already :)}  I then made a frame out of strips of plywood to basically be a stick frame tall enough to surround the air compressor.  I went for the full 8′ tall so I wouldn’t have to bother with cutting the pegboard and it would give me more room to stuff other things inside the enclosure.

I doubled up on some plywood to securely mount the hose reel for the air compressor.  It’s surprisingly heavy, but unsurprisingly also super helpful.  I used glue between the boards and screwed it in from the front and the back just to be safe.

I used regular door hinges for the front.  I thought I’d have to use some kind of latch to hold the doors closed but so far I haven’t needed them.  I did this in a weekend and it’s a super big help.  It looks nice and clean.

Truthfully I can’t really tell if it’s made a difference in the noise levels of the air compressor, but it looks pretty sharp and it definitely saved some surface area of the garage from the lawn mower being underneath the air compressor.  Let me know what y’all think.  I think it’s pretty handy!


 Air Compressor Closet Front Open Closed Headline.JPG

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    1. Hi, Thanks. I used 2 pegboard plywood sheets which were $20 each. All the rest was scraps that I had around but could’ve been bought for probably less than $20. Hope that helps. Best regards, Paul

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