Greyscale Raster – Vegeta

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Here’s a follow up on my last post about using newsprint to do try a greyscale on a laser engraver.  In this post I talk about my Makeblock Laser Engraver, but I’ve been making some pretty crazy modifications to it.  I’ll document that soon; I’ve got some big plans for my laser.  I’m pretty excited.

For now though I’m experimenting and having fun.  In case you couldn’t tell I LOVE Dragonball Z.  I’ve been wanting an engraving of this one cool scene from an important episode.  Here’s the screenshot:


I used GIMP to adjust the image to black and white first with the Desaturate tool.  Then I tried a couple variations of the Newsprint distort.

For the version above the settings from GIMP were Intensity for “Screen”, 72 for Input SLI, 486 for Output SLI, 3 for cell size and 15 for Oversample.  The quick and dirty reference is in the file name.

For the version above (the lighter version) the settings from GIMP were CMYK for “Screen”, 72 for Input SLI, 7.2 for Output SLI, 10 for cell size and 1 for Oversample.  The quick and dirty reference is in the file name (and is basically indistinguishable to anybody but me, but still…)

As mentioned before, these settings don’t mean a whole heck of a lot to me, but I’m still playing with them.

Here’s the output from the first one.  I think it’s a little dark.  VegetaFinalAtonement NewsprintDark

However this one I think is pretty good.  I now have it hanging on my office wall at work.  It does look better from afar than up close.    VegetaFinalAtonement NewsprintGood


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