Heated Build Chamber: Part VII – Spool Holder

Hey Everybody,

Quick post today to update one of my previous posts.  I’ve been using the heated build chamber for a bit now and one of the things that I’ve been needing I finally made it a point to do.  I finally made a spool holder.  It’s made to be used with a 3/4″ dowel.

I wanted to raise it up out of the way so that it’s not interfering with the build plate at all and it made sense to mount it onto the two corner walls up towards the top.  I also designed the spool holder to have my logo in it and I think it came out pretty cool.  Very functional.  It’ll be a lot easier to use than the k’nex spool holder I had been using.  Haha.

Some of the other things I’ve noticed is that the heated build chamber as a whole is really pulling down some watts.  I tripped the breaker for my office from having the heated build chamber and the laser engraver going at the same time. My “room” was meant to be two rooms so I brought in an extension cord from the other room to share the load.

For me the ideal temperature seems to be about 105°F.  If I go lower I can still see some warping .  Not remotely as bad as without the heated build chamber but still some.

Let me know what y’all think.


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