I’m Back!!!: A Note on Home Security

What’s up Everybody, I posted by far my most popular post and then I disappeared for a month… wha’ happened?…  Well, unfortunately our house got broken into.  My home automation system alerted me when they broke in.  I had been using a Razberry and Domoticz for a home automation server for about 2 years now and it served me pretty well but it’s really never enough.  I use motion sensors to turn on the lights when we walk into a couple rooms.  When the first alert came in while I was at work I thought maybe a battery was dying, but when the second one came in I knew something was going on.  My Lady called the cops and I came home immediately, I remoted into one of my computers and turned on the stereo with my AppleTV via AirPlay.  I know it worked because the stereo was on when I got home.  It must have scared them off, but they still got away with a ton of our stuff.  I’m a bonafide Apple Fan Boy and that’s really all they cared to take.  All of this to say that I couldn’t really make any progress on any of my toys nor my projects while we were waiting on investigations and insurance to replace al our stuff.  We have since installed a full suite of security cameras and the Ring Pro doorbell system.  In retrospect it’s insane to me that I didn’t have at least the Ring installed prior but hindsight is always 20-20.  We also installed a purpose built home automation server as opposed to one I cobbled together.  We went with the SmartThings and so far I’m super impressed.

But I’m BACK and I have a new toy that I’m excited to show y’all and get back to normal life playing with my toys.

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