Kylo Ren – Metal Infused Epoxy Engraving (Can’t wait for Episode VIII!!!)

What’s Up Everybody,

I’m definitely in the spirit… for Star Wars that is.  I’m rewatching them all in anticipation of watching Episode VIII this week and I cannot wait!!  I wanted to do a special project to help keep me occupied.  In my last couple posts I’ve showed y’all my custom CNC machine and how I’m using 3D printer GCODE to drive it.  One of the first things I’m doing on it is a Kylo Ren inspired engraving that I’m filling in with metal infused resin.

While learning to adjust the spacing I wound up with a couple iterations of the the engraving.  Here’s the best one fresh off the build plate:

I used just regular ol’ pine wood that i had lying around.  Next, I mixed up a batch of clear resin and I added Aluminum powder (30 µ).  The resin I bought uses equal parts resin and hardener, and I used another equal part of the metal flake.  The mixture was so thick and goopy that I didn’t even bother trying to only pour the mixture into the cut sections where it was ultimately supposed to go.  Here’s a hideous shot of what it looked like after I made a mess of pouring it all:

I used a belt sander to sand down the over pour and make for a uniform flat surface.  (Its making me want a planer, I don’t have that toy yet.  A planer would’ve made short work of the job I think.)  After I sanded it down, I stained the wood with the same Minwax Ebony stain I’ve been using a lot recently.  After the stain was dry I buffed it a little bit using steel wool to try shine the metal up a little bit.  Unfortunately It’s not quite as steely shiny as what I was hoping for, but I still think it looks really cool different and cool.  I also like how it has imperfections in it since that’s how it looks in the movies.  I also tooootally meant for those imperfections, promise…  haha!  Let me know what y’all think.  Hope you like it.


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