More Resin Infused Engravings On My Custom CNC Machine

What’s up Y’all.  I’ve been experimenting like crazy; some to more success than others.  I’m learning a lot and having a ton of fun.  I thought I’d share some of what I’m doing.

I wanted to try again on some metal infused resin engravings and see if I can do a little better than last time.  I started with a couple new designs and cut them out.  Here are a couple of the freshly cut pieces:

Because I was scared that the stain would be blocked like last time I tried staining prior to prior to pouring any of the metal infused resin into the engravings.

This time I was also going to try a couple more colors of the metal within the resin.  My Lady kept calling it glitter, but I kept insisting on metal flake.  Haha.  I made a mess doing this and had a blast.  I was super optimistic after this step.  Here’s how it turned out:


This is unfortunately where my optimism ended. I used the same technique that I did last time and took these to a belt sander.  The belt sander took so much of the shine off of the metal infused resin and made most of them super dull.

I was really sad after I saw the results of the belt sander.  It so much less glossy than when it was originally poured.  I’m going to have to take a new approach next time.  I still think they’re cool, but not nearly what they could’ve been.  Besides the resin being less than what I was hoping for the piece was a lot more uneven than what I had been able to achieve last time.  So I finally broke down and bought a thickness planer.  It’s something I had been wanting a long time anyway so I went ahead and did it.  I was thinking/hoping the clean cuts of the planer as opposed to the belt sander would help restore some gloss and shine to the resin.  It helped some, but not quite as much as I’d hoped.  Here are a couple pictures with the before and after the planer.


The planing helped quite a bit, but still nothing compared to the original pour.  One other thing that I tried that made a negligible change was polishing the resin.  It didn’t really help either, but I think it’s because the mix was pretty blended at the newly planed level, as in it can’t be polished clear since it’s mixed with the glitter, er…  metal flake.

Here are the end pieces as they came out after I dyed them again.

I think the next round I’ll try similar engravings and only fill them up with the metal flake infused resin partially and then I’ll finish filling it up with just the clear resin.  I’ll also try warming the resin to make it a little more runny.  It’s been unusually cold here in Central Texas and it’s made the resin pretty globby when I’ve tried pouring it.  All in good time.  I’m learning and having fun.  I still think these are pretty cool.  Let me know what y’all think.

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