New Laser Engraving – I can’t wait for SpiderMan Homecoming!!

I’ve definitely been playing with the laser engraver a ton, and I’ve set a new record!  I tried for the first time the 10 pixels/mm on my remixed 305 Engineering Inkscape extension.  All of the other prints up until now have been using 5 pixels/mm.  This means that I had been engraving a new line every 0.2mm and this time I did a new line every 0.1mm.  This should mean that if the laser is focused in well that I should get some really good resolution and detail on the print and I think I did that.

So between the remixed extension and the custom GCODE greyscale test I had the software settings dialed in pretty good.  To dial in the focus of the laser I used a white piece of paper to adjust the focus.  I sat the paper on my workpiece and adjusted the dial on the laser until it was as small as possible.  I had the laser level really low and I kept wiggling the paper as to not burn through it.  Be extra extra careful with the protective eyewear on this step.  Lasers are bright.  Hence my laser shielding box.

So we know I like my comic book movies and I’m extra excited for SpiderMan Homecoming.  I previously did this laser engraving, but I think it got a little busy with the Vulture up top, plus Iron-Man wasn’t featured as he is on this alternate poster that came across my radar.  I’m not positive what country it’s for, but I love this image with Spidey and Iron-Man so I thought I’d really go for it.  (Thanks/Sorry Marvel, this is done out of fandom and admiration.)

I tried the 10 px/mm and I made the workpiece extra large.  259mm x 375mm or 10.2″ x 14.76″.  The laser engraving took right at 31 hours to do; I think it turned out awesome.


This is right off the laser engraver, I intend to just use clear sealer since I messed up my Star Wars Alex Ross Cover.

I think the Stark Tower/Avengers Headquarters in particular looks awesome.  Here are some close up shots of some of the details:

I got my tickets already and I can’t wait!!  Let me know what y’all think!

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