Staining Resin Infused Engravings

I showed y’all recently the Kylo Ren engraving I did where I backfilled the CNC’d portion with metal infused resin.  I liked this so much that I thought to make some for friends for Christmas, however I was less than pleased with the results of some and I thought I’d share what came out and what didn’t.  Maybe somebody will comment and clear me up.

So I did the same thing with an ornate cross and a (totally generic non-trademarked whatsoever) longhorn symbol.  I treated them the exact same way I did the Kylo mask one except that I used a red oak stain instead of ebony stain and for some reason they are much different than each other.  Check out what happened:

It’s a real shame because I think they were coming out really nice prior to the non uniform staining.  I still gave them to my friends as R&D versions and they were both very nice about accepting them as nice pieces.  I’m working on more right now where I’ll try staining them before pouring in the resin.  So far resin blocking the stain is the only thing I can figure went wrong.  But it’s also really strange given that the ebony stain took just fine and it was only the red oak stain that had the odd non-uniformity.  Ahh well…  I’ll let you know what I find out…

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